We Keep Track Of Everything So You Don’t Have To

Missing an appeal deadline can cost thousands. PAR tracks your assessments and files appeals on your behalf. Let our team of specialists ensure you benefit from every possible appeal opportunity.

Our proprietary software, PAR Works™, allows us to better manage your assessments and appeals. It encompasses all stages of the review and appeal process and ensures that all tax reductions and refunds are accounted for year after year. PAR Works™ has a robust and customizable reporting ability, so you get detailed insight into appeals and tax savings on-demand.

Market Research

Knowledge is power. PAR conducts in-depth research into the real estate markets using proprietary, subscription and public data. From our immense research database, we handpick the best data for each property and use it to support our case. The combination of superior market knowledge and valuation expertise gives PAR a competitive advantage second to none

Legal Knowledge

PAR has been involved in precedent-setting cases that have been instrumental in saving taxpayers’ millions.

Contesting the market value of your property isn’t the only way to lower your taxes – non-value arguments such as discrimination in the ratio of assessment, notice, basis and classification must be used when appropriate.

All legal strategies and valuation methods will be utilized to keep your property taxes to their lowest, legal minimums.

Appeal Process

Our step-by-step process ensures that our clients are well informed and have accurate information throughout the appeal process:

Step 1: Preliminary Discussions
PAR will discuss with you your property, questions and goals in detail. This discussion will review the current assessment and the various aspects of the property under review, and allow us to determine what information we need from you in order to get our review started.

Step 2: Review and Appeal Determination
After gathering the appropriate data, PAR will provide an appeal recommendation. Our clients then have the opportunity to discuss this recommendation to ensure potential outcomes, savings and timelines are understood.

Step 3: Appeal Filing and Hearing
If it is determined that an appeal is warranted, we will file an appeal on your behalf and proceed through the hearing process. PAR performs in-depth research prior to an appeal and provides extensive evidence at the hearing. PAR keeps clients informed throughout the appeal process, and provides a realistic timeline and an estimate of tax savings.

Step 4: Appeal Results
Often, we are successful in reducing your assessment prior to payment of your tax bill, which means proactive savings and no wait for a refund check from the County. Should the appeal require additional steps we will inform you of our intent to pursue the appeal further and let you know the expected timeline.

Step 5: Recap and Follow Up
Once an appeal has been concluded, we will work with you to understand when to expect refunds and what amount. Our work does not end until you are paying the lowest possible tax bill.