1. Analysis & Determination of Value

Our experienced Team Members will review the jurisdiction’s valuation of your property to determine the appraisal method and data employed by the assessor. We’ll then develop an independent opinion of value utilizing all three approaches to value. Comparing that result to the jurisdiction’s valuation will determine the viability of an appeal.

2. Presenting the Appeal

It is our job to timely and professionally prepare, file and present appeals to the Assessor and/or Board of Equalization. You do not need to be present at the hearing or deal with any government regulators. PAR handles all communication and requests from the assessor’s office. We provide and pay for expert legal counsel or expert appraisal testimony to represent client, if necessary.

3. Locking in the Savings

We ensure the lower taxes we negotiate for you is thoroughly documented by the proper authorities. We make sure your final tax bill is accurate and calculate your new, lower taxes and amount saved.