Review & Appeal Process

We Keep Track of Everything so You Don’t Have To

Let’s face it: Reviewing and appealing your property tax assessments every two years isn’t your idea of a good time. You’re busy running your own business, focusing on your work and have limited time and attention to figure out how the assessor is valuing your property and whether or not you should file an appeal. Filing procedures can be confusing and appeal deadlines are not to be missed.

Ensuring You Pay the Lowest Taxes possible is Our Highest Priority.

Our proprietary software, PAR Works, allows us to better manage your assessments and appeals. It encompasses all stages of the review and appeal process and ensures that all tax reductions and refunds are accounted for year after year.

We keep you informed and throughout the review and appeal process. We can promptly answer any questions you may have and tell you everything you need to know.

The Review & Appeal Process

  1. In January at the beginning of each reassessment cycle (every odd year in Missouri) PAR sends you your list of properties that we will review for that cycle so that sold properties are removed and new purchased properties are added.
  2. In February we request update information on each of your properties. What, if anything, has changed since the last reassessment? What is the current condition of your property and neighborhood? When you respond, your emails, notes and documents are transferred to PAR Works so that the details of your situation are not overlooked.
  3. In May when the new assessed values are available from the assessor, we get those values directly from the County along with the property record card which tells us how the assessor came up with the market value of your property.
  4. In June our appraisers determine a fair market value for your property based on real comparable sales in your neighborhood and your property’s actual income (if appropriate.) We compare our appraised value to the assessor’s appraised value to determine whether an appeal is necessary. If we determine the assessor’s appraised value is fair, we notify you by email that you are already paying the lowest possible property taxes and no appeal will be filed.
  5. In July, if we determine that your property is overvalued by the assessor, we file an appeal on your behalf and provide the required information to the County Board of Equalization.
  6. The Board of Equalization (BOE) Hearings usually take place in July and August. The PAR Team presents your case before the BOE in the most effective manner possible.
  7. BOE Results are sent to us three to four weeks after the BOE hearings. PAR sends the official results to you and lets you know if your appraised value has been reduced to a fair and appropriate amount or if we need to continue your appeal to the State Tax Commission of Missouri.
  8. By the end of September, PAR file appeals to the State Tax Commission (STC) on those properties whose appraised values are considered excessive by our appraisers.
  9. In early November, county collectors set the tax rates and mail property tax bills. Reductions achieved at the Board of Equalization are reflected on the tax bills you receive. Our invoices for any reduction achieved are sent you after the tax rates are established.
  10. In November, for properties that we are appealing on to the State Tax Commission, we send you payment under protest instructions and letters to include with the payment of your tax bill.

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