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PAR Specializes in Real Property and Personal Property Tax Appeals in Missouri & Illinois

PAR has been appealing and lowering taxes for over 20 years. We have a good idea of what will and won’t work to get your taxes reduced. PAR will review and appeal your taxes on a contingent fee basis:  No savings, no fee.  We pay for all costs of the appeal including legal and appraisal.

The simple fact is – assessors make mistakes. Every two years, assessors in Missouri estimate the market value of your real and personal property using mass computer modeling and appraisal techniques which result in errors and miscalculations that can cost you money year after year.

Market Research

Everyone has their own opinion of what something is worth, but the market has the final say. What are similar properties selling for? Are values headed up or down? PAR utilizes market comparable sales for the correct valuation of your properties. Direct market research pays off with proven reductions both real and personal property. Click here for Real Property Success Stories.

Depreciation Tables Do Not Equal Market Value

Personal property taxes are more complicated than simply running an asset report by year and filling in the blanks on the Business Personal Property Declaration. Our research and appeals have proven that assessors cannot support the depreciation schedules as being equal to market value. We argue, and the law agrees, that cost less an arbitrary depreciation value does not equal market value. We will examine your asset ledger and personal property return and highlight those assets that we can achieve reductions on, considering economic and functional obsolescence and property classification.

Legal Knowledge

Knowing property tax law is imperative to proper taxation. We’ve encountered more than a few inexperienced assessors whose lack of knowledge of current laws and valuation methods often results in egregious over-taxation. PAR keeps abreast of state laws and court decisions that affect property taxation. We have been actively involved in precedent-setting cases that have been instrumental in saving taxpayers’ money. Contesting the market value of your property isn’t the only way to lower your taxes – non-value arguments such as discrimination in the ratio of assessment, notice, basis and classification must be used when appropriate.

All legal strategies and valuation methods will be utilized to keep your property taxes to their lowest, legal minimums. Case law and court decisions are continually changing the landscape of property taxation. We keep up to date on the latest decisions which can benefit your bottom line.

PAR Residential

After handling the personal residences of our commercial clients for years, in 2009 we started a residential division to handle the increasing demand. PAR Residential will insure that you pay a fair and correct amount of property taxes for your home. Please visit for more information.

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